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How was your week, friends? I’m writing this from Granger, Indiana from this amazing, historic Airbnb. I’m speaking about money, happiness, and habits at Nicole’s Real Talk Retreat and it is lovely. If you have a conference, workshop, lunch-n-learn that needs a speaker, get in my inbox! I love IRL teaching.

Links for you!

12 things you might not know about Juneteenth

Amazing dance moves!

Super smart travel tips
“I rip out all the articles I meant to read from old issues of The New Yorker, Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc. and pack them instead of bringing the WHOLE magazine, which gets heavy.”

Also: I’ll never, ever stop talking about why you need these for travel.

Yes! Behavior Shopping: This Is Why You Might Be Spending More

Verified info on how to help kids at the border directly from a lawyer who visited a station in Clint, TX

FASCINATING. The Secret Oral History of Bennington: The 1980s’ Most Decadent College

Of course I loved this. Ten Things I Learned From Loving “Anne of Green Gables”
Anne, however, has no Dumbledore or Aslan to initiate her into a larger understanding. Instead, Anne herself is the portal — the tornado, the wardrobe — who helps the characters around her understand that the “mundane” world, itself, was always already full of deep magic.

How do the 21 Democrat candidates for president differ? The NY Times asked them the same 18 questions; here are their answers.

I loved Alison’s post about health vs. aging and what’s possible.

I loooove stories like this. A Craigslist buyer complimented a woman’s home decor and it lead her to change her career! (And her home is gorgeous.)

Ooooof. If you’ve ever struggled with healthcare costs this podcast episode is for you: We Thought We’d Adulted Properly.

Such a sweet ode to an amazing teacher.

I’m exteremly co-signed on this approach to happiness + feeling good.

Hope you had an awesome week!

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In case you haven’t seen it yet …

How was your week, friends? On Wednesday, I got back from a week-long road trip with my mom, so I spent the rest of the week doing laundry, digging myself out of an email hole, you know. The usual post-trip stuff. This weekend we celebrated a friend’s birthday with a private hot yoga session for all our friends! Awesome + sweaty.

Links for you!

First and foremost: What’s going on in Sudan and what the US is doing about it — explained

And 7 things you can do to help Sudan

On my way through Des Moines, I stayed at one of the best-run Airbnbs I’ve ever been to. The guest house had extra razors, tampons, and phone chargers! Also: it was $70 and there was an amazing covered patio with cafe lights. On Instagram Stories, a bunch of people asked for a link to the listing, so I’m sharing it here, too. And if you’ve never used Airbnb before, here’s a $40 credit towards your first booking!


A hilarious response if anyone asks why you’re “still single.”

Somewhat related: I love the interview series Single Women And Their Spaces. This tour of Chelsea’s rented apartment in Portugal is great.

I thought this was lovely and important: How to navigate a special needs encounter with kids.
The emotions that a child feels when seeing another child with special needs can range from curious, to nervous, to just plain confused. Let your child know that questions are okay. For example, if your child points at my daughter and says, “What happened to her arm?!” my suggestion would be to get down on your child’s level and explain that some people are born differently than other people. I then often refer to other differences, like hair color, skin color, glasses, etc. 

An interview with Amy Sedaris that is, obviously, a delight.

I was on the How She Creates podcast this week talking about questioning, well, everything has lead me to a life that I really, really like. Listen here! And if you’ve got a podcast, I’d love to be on it! Drop me an email at sarah@yesandyes.org and let’s get something scheduled!

Speaking of podcasts – I’m still plugging away, setting mine up and Paula has been super helpful. And she just launched a course about how to start your own!

A roundup of super helpful money resources!

Related: a great Twitter thread on free/cheap mood-improving things.

This just in: Dolly Parton sleeps in her makeup when she travels + brings her own snacks.
I used to take my family on trips and vacations. We would go all over the world. We’d stop in and have food, but we’d take a lot of our own food. You’d take your own good pillows and your little things, which I still do to this day. Even when I travel overseas, I take my pillows, I take a few snack foods and other things that you might not be able to get.

Hope you had a lovely week!

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Online jewelry and estate sales are a great way to bulk up your bank account and re-home things with weird memories attached!

What’d you get up to this week, friends? I’m halfway through a road trip with my mom, visiting some of the best small to mid-sized cities in the country <- pretty much my favorite thing to do EVER. You can follow along on Instagram Stories if you’d like to see the quirky museums, adorable downtowns, and little diners we’ve been stopping at.

Links for you!

One place we’re FOR SURE stopping on this road trip? St. Elmo’s Steakhouse. It checks so many boxes for me: vintage decor, locally-owned, featured in a plotline for Parks And Rec! (Yes, I’m still a vegetarian.)

It’s Pride month! Awesome! Rather than buying a Rainbow t-shirt from Amazon or Target, what if we supported shops owned by LGBTQ+ people? Here are t-shirts from 22 queer-owned shops.

Related: 30 books written by LGBTQ+ authors.

I’m leading a group through a round of Bank Boost right now and several participants have brought in money by selling jewelry from previous relationships. Can you even STAND what a power move that is?! Imagine having more money in your bank account while also being rid of the ring that cheating so-and-so gave you? FWIW, a lot of them have had more success/a more enjoyable selling experience using online auction houses rather than Ebay or a pawn shop. Fellows UK is a great place to start (even if you’re in the U.S.!) and they’ve been family-run since 1876!

Somewhat related: the four types of wealth (most of us only think about two types)

I’m weirdly into this … biscuit recipe analysis?

Oh my. The World Of Incel Plastic Surgery
Friends and family said he had body-dysmorphic disorder, a condition the International OCD Foundation says affects about one in every 50 people. Psychiatric manuals describe it as an obsession with perceived flaws in one’s appearance that others don’t see or notice. But Truth4lie’s imperfections were perfectly noticeable to other forum users: weak jawline, feminine nose, small frame, thinning hair. To Truth4lie, their assessments explained why he hadn’t fit in in high school, why his ex didn’t love him, why women he looked at on the street didn’t make eye contact.

A simple trick to make your weekend feel longer.

On my ‘to travel’ list for next year: hiking the coast-to-coast trail across northern England. You hike all day but get to sleep in lovely rural bed and breakfasts! A company will transport your big backpack for you so you can just hike with a little day pack! My friend Lindsay is doing this hike right now and her Instagram photos have further convinced me. (If you’ve done this hike and have tips to share, please share them in the comments!)

Whaaaaat? A ‘string garden‘? Didn’t know I needed this in my life!

Great reminders from Captain Awkward about the emotional and psychological minefields of wedding season.
“Be in my wedding party?” is an invitation, not a command. So be respectful and up front about budget & time commitments. Let “So sorry, I can’t, but I’d love to celebrate as a guest!” be a good, happy, loving answer when it is the honest answer. Also, don’t expect people to read your mind if there’s something you want them to do, you might have a playbook in mind but it’s far from universal, so spell it out! Help people make a good decision, help people give you what you want and need.

Hope you had a lovely week, friends!

This time, 11 years ago.

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It’s June 4th, 2008 and I’m sitting in the corner of my “garden level” (read: basement) apartment that looks out onto a pair of stoplights. Rhianna’s ‘Disturbia’ filters through the window from my neighbor’s apartment and my hands are sweating as they hover over the keyboard.

I’m about to click ‘publish’ on my first ever blog post, on a Blogspot blog I “designed” with terrible free clip art and a moss green color pallete.

I’ve been procrastinating on publishing anything for months because I’m equal parts
a) afraid that nobody will read what I write
b) afraid that lots of people will read what I write

But if you’re reading this in June of 2019, you know the end of the story. You know how it all turned out.

Maybe you’ve read some of the 2,227 (!!!) blog posts I’ve published. Maybe you’ve followed along as I broke up with a live-in boyfriend, dated, traveled the world, got married and became a stepmom. Maybe you found me last week on Instagram.

2008 Sarah had a good time

Regardless of how long you’ve been reading, I want to say a giant, heartfelt thank you for being part of the last 11 years of Yes & Yes. Like, I want to hold your hands in mine and make extended eye contact and say “No, really. I am so grateful.”

If you’ve ever pinned one of my posts, tagged a friend in the comments of one of my Instagram posts, liked a Facebook post, left a comment, or bought one of my courses or ebooks, I appreciate you and I don’t take your support for granted. The internet is full of people who want you time, money, and attention and I am incredibly grateful that you’ve made Yes & Yes part of your online life.

To say thank you (and in honor of 2008, the year all this started), for the next 48 hours, you can take 28% off all my stuff with the code BLOGIVERSARY28. My courses, my workbooks, my audio books, all of it!

Bank Boost: The Book $17 $12.24 with discount code BLOGIVERSARY28

In 6 weeks I’ve succeeding in paying off about $4,000 worth of credit card debt that’s been hanging over my head for ages. I’ll admit I haven’t been following the rules like obsessively down to a T, but I’ve still been successful because your advice is so dang good.

Even just having your voice in my head when I’m at Target to keep me away from the flimsy sundresses is incredibly helpful. Beyond that, the idea that you can figure out what it is about the things you’re spending money on that ACTUALLY makes you happy (or doesn’t) is SO MAJOR. ”   – Kelly

The No Grocery Challenge Guidebook + Cookbook $17 $12.24 with discount code BLOGIVERSARY28

I consider myself pretty good at cooking with what’s in my kitchen, but even I learned a lot from this book. I get a CSA every week and I didn’t have to purchase any food outside of that; I’ve started storing my food differently and doing Sunday meal prep. Super helpful!”  – Megan G.

How To Get What You Want $17 $12.24 with discount code BLOGIVERSARY28

“How To Get What You Want is a fun, conversational, SUPER SIMPLE hands on way to… get what you want! Lot’s of people talk theory, but this guide lays it out step-by-step. It’s so simple that once you actually hone in on what you want, there’s no way you can fail. ”   – Caryn G.

18 Scripts For Money Conversations $17 $12.24 with discount code BLOGIVERSARY28

“I just negotiated nearly 50% off our internet bills. We’ll save about £300 over the next year. Onwards to the rest of the utilities!”  – Bryony M.

Make It Stick Habit School $97 $69.84 with discount code BLOGIVERSARY28

“I loved Habit School! 1. Because it helped me realize why all my other good habits have slid right off me. And 2. because it actually. Made. Good. Habits. STICK! I’m not kidding you. It just worked, and it made me feel amazing. 

I’ve been able to replicate that same success over and over, with little habits that I was so discouraged about not being able to accomplish before. It is a whole new way of looking at how you behave, and it has really and truly helped me make steps towards being the Nora I want to be.” – Nora M.

Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is $197 $141.84 with discount code BLOGIVERSARY28

I’ve taken every financial and budgeting course imaginable, but none of those courses got to the root of why I was making poor financial choices. This course has helped me change my thinking so I can design a life I want to live and spend my hard earned money funding that life. This course has more than paid for itself – and it is so fun!! I’m truly excited to begin my newly designed life.” – Alanna M.

The discount code expires at midnight CST on Thursday night, so snap up your course or ebook while they’re on sale!

And again, thank you for 11 awesome years – it’s been great!

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Looking for farm to table recipes? This strawberry puff pastry is an easy dessert recipe that will use up some of those strawberries from your garden!

How was your week, friends? Since it was the last week of the month, I did my monthly No Grocery Challenge to use up all odds and ends in the kitchen and reduce our grocery bill/food waste. This time, I partnered with Farm Flavor and used their farm to table recipes as a jumping off point (because I don’t know how to make a quinoa-based quiche crust without a little guidance.)

Links for you!

In case you need it: Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Contraception

Cute! (And a metaphor for something)

I love house tours that are something other than NYC/LA minimalist palatial homes. So I obviously loved this tour of a colorful Tennessee rental. They’ve done AMAZING things.

This is what a cow looks like after it’s been blow-dried!

Co-signed: Allow me to convince you to take a lunch break today.
The survey also found that employees who take regular lunch breaks are more engaged in the workplace, so while a quarter of Americans associate taking lunch with working less hard, the opposite is true. This probably explains the side-eye I get from colleagues when I shut my laptop at noon: Even if they’d like to join me, breaking the social contract of abstaining from self-care during work hours is perceived as risky.

Related: 10 things to do on your lunch break that aren’t Lean Cuisine or Facebook

Next week I’m leaving on a one-week road trip with my mom (!!!) and one of our stops will be Bloomington, IN. It is SUCH a great city and I loved interviewing a local about how much it costs to live there.

Related: I loved this Instagram post from an artist about why she lives in Door County, Wisconsin (which is beautiful!) rather than NYC or LA.


Oooof. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of this – have you?

If you’re road tripping this summer, here are all the tips I’ve learned over the course of 15,000+ miles.

This is what bar bathrooms are like for women. Sweet!

Hope you had a lovely week! You can follow along with my up-coming roadtrip on Instagram if we’re not already friends there <3

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How was your week, friends? Here in Minneapolis, it was weirdly rainy and cold, so I spent most of it doing indoor things and planning future trips. But this weekend has been gooooorgeous, so we’re making up for lost time with lots of bike rides, barbecues, and reading on the deck.

Links for you

Next week is the last week of the month, which means it’s time for my monthly No Grocery Challenge! If you’ve never watched my Instagram Stories, my NGC is a week where – in an effort to reduce food waste and save money + time – I cook only with what’s in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. It’s weirdly fun and gratifying! You can use this workbook to plan your own (it’s SO much more than just using leftovers!) or follow along here to watch me do it.

I was on Rolf Potts’ podcast this week, talking about traveling light, dressing modestly while traveling, and how to deal with travel anxiety. Listen here!

Have you read this yet? It’s a bit like David Sedaris, but younger and British.

Some truths from Bill Nye.

A good point: Don’t Use My Family For Your True Crime Stories.
Nobody has tried to make entertainment out of Sabina’s story, but if they did, I would burn their podcast studio to the ground. I would call them every night at 3 a.m, and then again at 5, and when they started turning their phone off I would show up and ring the doorbell. I would dig up their most embarrassing secrets and use them as blackmail. I would do whatever I had to do to get them to give up on the project. It would be intolerable to me—physically intolerable like the way a body can’t tolerate rotten oysters—for someone to splash Sabina’s last moments and the horror of her death onto a TV screen, or to narrate it between advertisements for Casper mattresses.

I’ve been catching up on this season of Queer Eye and if you, like me, where obsessed with the squash casserole recipe, here it is! This would be a such a good way to some of that end-of-summer zucchini we’ll all be drowning in.

Trying to get your business off the ground without a lot of capital? Here are 10 ways to bootstrap it!

Fellow MSPers – if you’re in the market for a floral arrangement, Northern Heir makes gorgeous arrangements out of local flowers in thrifted and vintage containers. Lovely!

A state-by-state break down of where you can support pro-choice organizations.

If you, like me, have been concerned about how many plastic straws you use, it’s worth knowing that eating less fish might actually be a more effective approach to limiting plastic pollution in the oceans.

Important and interesting: The Cost Of Being Disabled.

I hear people talk about how hard it is to make friends as an adult ALL THE TIME, so I liked these tips about friendship as a grown up.

Just as I suspected!!!! A UCLA study proved that, for a lot of people, “our need to reward ourselves materially may actually increase our stress.

I really liked this:
“I’ve always been a time-based worker. You know, like, ‘did I sit here for 3 hours and try?’ I don’t have a word count when I sit down to write. It’s all about sitting down and trying to make something happen in that time period — and letting those hours stack up.”

Related: Track your efforts, not your accomplishments.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!