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How was your week, friends? Are you enjoying this new reality tv show we’re all watching called ‘Impeachment 2019’? In addition to refreshing CNN every 20 minutes, I helped coaching clients with Pinterest strategy, impostor syndrome, and finding the right audiences. We also celebrated one stepson’s half-birthday and another stepson’s Jujitsu medal with some very delicious Mongolian barbecue!

Links for you:

I Am The Trader Joe’s Parking Lot and I’m Here To Destroy You
When you finally spy an open spot, you rush to it. It is a false flag: you will find a mess of discarded carts, a pair of chatting, dreadlocked yogis, or a small yet hip turquoise Vespa that is invisible to the naked eye until it is too late, all placed there by me and my fellow saboteurs.

Two great hostess gifts for the coming holidays: magic salt and candles with a cause

Yup! Self-care I need less of

I got this and it is A GEE DEE DELIGHT.

With Thanksgiving coming and all those leftovers, now would be a GREAT time to plan for a No Grocery Challenge!

13 fun, interesting things to do on Black Friday that don’t involve standing in line at Target

This documentary looks beautiful and important.

A sweet book + reminder.

Ooooooh! This might be a fun departure from the traditional for Thanksgiving deserts.

If you feel guilty about charging for your work, if you chronically undercharge, if you’re constantly offering discounts for no reason – this is for you.

A fun apartment tour!

And two Netflix recommendations:
Shine On – Reese Witherspoon’s interview series with awesome women from all walks of life
Last Chance U – A docu-series that follows “Elite athletes with difficult pasts turn to junior college football for the last shot at turning their lives around and achieving their dreams” WEEEEEEP

Hope you had a lovely week! 

Web Time Wasters

When you see people converting their friends to your course in Facebook comments 💓

How was your week, friends? I spent it getting everything ready for Bank Boost (enrollment closes + class starts at 8 am CST tomorrow! Click here to join us!)

I try really hard to celebrate efforts not just outcomes, so we went away this weekend to La Crosse, WI to celebrate all my launch efforts. We stayed in a cute Airbnb, ate at a supper club called Digger’s Sting (!!?), and experienced the goodness of small city thrift stores – like a $4, mint condition London Fog trench coat!

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A new-to-me IG account that makes me smile every day.

You already read this great piece, right? This Tom Hanks Story Will Help You Feel Less Bad
That does not really ever happen, an actor waiting for me ahead of the appointed time, versus clearly dreading me two hours past it. “I think a long time ago, I learned how important it was to show up a little bit early,” Hanks told me. “Be ready to go, you know? And to respect the whole process, and I think that you could respect the whole process even when the other people don’t.”

Fellow Northern Hemisphere-ians: let’s talk winter coping mechanisms. Here are mine:
1. This glowy, cute-enough-to-be-in-the-living room humidifier (I have another giant, un-cute humidifier for our bedroom)
2. Darn Tough Socks – yes, they’re expensive. But they literally have a lifetime guarantee!
3. Slippery camisoles under everything – they keep me warmer, let me turn the thermostat down, and lower my dry cleaning bill

THIS is how you do spon con. An inspiration!


Related: The unpleasant truth behind why we “can’t” break our bad habits

Salt and vinegar mashed potatoes – should we try this for Thanksgiving?

I’m totally going to make a vegetarian version of this crispy noodle cake.

Yes! I have long been advocating “putting any random green thing you clip from your yard in a vase” and now it seems that The Professionals finally agree with me!

I loved Alex’s essay about letting go + luggage claim tickets in Tahiti
“I would really like a luggage tag. Please.”

He looked me right in the eyes. The smallest smirk on his face. The tiniest chuckle. His expression said, wordlessly, “Okay, crazy lady. Sure. Fine. I’ll get you…your precious luggage tag.”

He rummaged inside a drawer that probably hadn’t been opened in decades. Found a tattered, stained scrap of paper. Found a pen. Wrote an X on it. No number. No name. Just X. Handed it to me.

My friend Lindsay – interior designer, house flipper, Airbnb owner – just finished her most recent flip house in St. Paul and the before/afters are SO GOOD.

I hope you had a lovely weekend and if you want to join us inside Bank Boost tomorrow, here’s how! 

The Trap Of The ‘Overly Virtuous Lunch’ + How To Avoid It

Struggling with self-control? Looking for self-discipline tips or motivation advice? Click through and read this post for unexpected advice. #motivation #habits #personaldevelopment #budgeting
It is a truth universally acknowledged that bringing lunch to work is one of the best, smartest, most healthy choices a person can make.


Who among us hasn’t pledged to ‘do better’ and schlepped a Tupperware full of under-dressed lettuce across town, truly believing that come noon we’re going to eat that plastic box of leaves and enjoy it?

When I was a classroom teacher, I’d do this all the time. In a valiant attempt to save money and eat healthy, I’d trundle my salad from my apartment to my desk.

At noon, I’d open my desk drawer, see that salad, stand up and walk next door to Sun Foods and buy: 
1. A bag of Cheetos (the crunchy kind, not the puffy kind)
2. A small can of Mr. Brown’s canned coffee
3. A ‘kempswich’ ice cream sandwich which is the best ice cream sandwich on the market don’t @ me

Now, if you’re keeping track, this ridiculous lunch neither made me healthier nor saved me money. In fact, it pretty emphatically did the exact opposite.

You know what I should have done? BROUGHT A LUNCH I ACTUALLY WANTED TO EAT.

The fancy, psychologist-sanctioned term for what happened here is ‘ego depletion’ – the idea that self-control or willpower draws upon a limited pool of mental resources that can be used up.

I call it “the trap of the overly virtuous lunch.”

See, I was asking too much of myself – I was asking myself to eat something I didn’t particularly like (I don’t like salads) AND I was asking myself to skip going to lunch with my fun, lovely co-workers.

I added insult to injury – denying myself doubly, which then backfired and led to me spending $9 a day on junk food and canned coffee.

So how did I solve this problem? I started bringing lunches I actually wanted to eat: couscous with crunchy cucumbers and lots of feta. Pad thai. Vegetarian chili and a little bag of Fritos for dipping.

And you know what happened? I stopped spending $9 a day on ice cream sandwiches and canned coffee.

But overly virtuous lunches aren’t just lunches, they can show up anywhere in our lives.

  • Going “no spend” for six months and then freaking out, falling off the wagon, and spending all the money you saved.
  • Dragging yourself to the gym at 5 am, seven days a week, to do a workout you totally hate, only to injure yourself and never, ever go back.
  • Giving up tv and social media completely, try to make yourself like knitting and puzzles when you really love Netflix, fail and then binge watch movies for four days.

What if you just found ways to get where you want to go in a way that’s actually enjoyable?

What if you stopped denying yourself everything, ever and gave yourself a release valve so you could stay the course in a sustainable, enjoyable way?

What if you admitted to yourself that you don’t actually like salads that much but you’d be very happy to eat pasta and roasted veggies for lunch?

It’s hard to deprive and deny and shame our way to success. It's not kind, fun, or particularly sustainable. Click To Tweet

It’s totally possible to get where you want to go without eating a single “overly virtuous lunch” – whatever shape that takes for you. 

This concept – the trap of the overly virtuous lunch – is one of the things I teach + talk about in my live, five-week course Bank Boost. You’ll learn how to earn more money, keep more money, and enjoy your life while doing it. It’s just $97 and we’re so confident it works, we offer a money-back guarantee!

Click here to learn more or just reply with any questions you have!

Photo by Dawit on Unsplash

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? I re-opened my beloved Bank Boost course – if you want five weeks of LIVE support + advice to help you get ahead + earn and keep more money THIS ISH IS FOR YOU.  It’s just $97 for five weeks of accountability, learning,  and live coaching calls. We even offer a money-back guarantee if you follow all the steps and don’t recoup the cost! There’s nothing to lose. Click here to get involved!

Links for you

I was on two podcasts this week!
The Simple Self Care podcast: talking about having a full, lovely life at (almost) any income + boundaries around money. Listen here.
The Flowerlounge Podcast: talking about money as a path to self-awareness + how self-care affects your bottom line. Listen here.

And if you have a podcast, I’d love to be on it! Email me at sarah@yesandyes.org and let’s get a time on the calendar!

I’m a pretty decent cook but I’ve never taken a cooking class outside of Home Ec. in high school, so I enjoyed this post: 15 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Started Cooking

A great essay about remembering to celebrate milestones – big and small.

Photos of stray cats + discarded teddy bears!

It’s time: How To Make Your House Cozy

Whaaaaat?! How to make any liquid into those little caviar-like balls.

Twin Cities friends: coat drive + cocktails + Elizabeth Warren!

Wear this sweatshirt to Thanksgiving

And this would be a great holiday gift for anyone who cares about making the world a better place

And if you haven’t heard me shout about it before: OMG BUY THIS DAWN SIMULATOR ALARM CLOCK my fellow Northern Hemisphere-ians!!!

Daaaaaang. A reminder for my fellow Virgos/INTJ/general know-it-alls.

Extremely adding this hotel to my bucket list.

How to feel your feelings.

And also the Metropol Hotel where A Gentleman In Moscow was set!

Reminder: Enrollment for Bank Boost is open now and class starts on the 18th! Start 2020 with more money in your bank account + confidence in yourself and relationship with money.

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? I nattered on tv about how to have scary money conversations, lead an IRL workshop about defining success for yourself, and then dressed as Moira Rose for Halloween … and nobody recognized me. Even though I brought Herb Ertilinger’s Fruit Wine!

This coming Friday (November 8th) I’m leading a workshop at the Giant Steps Conference entitled “How To Use Social Media To Get What You Want.” If you’re in Minneapolis, I’d love to see you! And if you’d like me to give this workshop at your conference, please get in touch 😉

Links for you

The cart for the next live round of Bank Boost opens on November 7th – you can get on the wait list here.  Sarahbeth said “This course will change you, no matter where you are in your financial awareness and journey. I highly recommend it!! Discussions from this class also permanently changed how I talk about money with my 3 kids, which means it’s influence will benefit the next generation, too. Go for it!!” BLUUUUSH!

Also money related: How to find the best cheap eats in every city

And celebrating the death of your debt!

This made me smile

Cuuuuute! An unexpected story of love at first sight


Over-complicating things is a form of self-sabotage

Two book recommendations:
This for innovative recipes for two
This for a funny, sweet, slightly sad memoir of a girl orphaned at 8 and raised by her exceptionally eccentric bachelor uncles in the Bronx

WHOA. TikTok Girls Dance to Audio of Toxic Exes’ Rants in Latest Darkly Funny (and Empowering) Trend
Tenley had just seen a massively viral TikTok posted by Isabella, 18, in which she did an interpretive dance to her ex-boyfriend’s tearful voicemail apologizing to her for cheating on her. She had found it hilarious and “really empowering,” she says. Inspired by the success of Isabella’s TikTok, Tenley posted a TikTok of herself doing an interpretive dance to the audio of her ex-boyfriend yelling at her. She later did a series of follow-up TikToks providing some context for the clip and detailing their relationship.

Totally co-signed on this tiny joy

For all my fellow Virgos: How to overcome perfectionism and just keep shipping.

That idea you’ve got? Ship it.

That thing you’re sitting on? Ship it.

The movement you want to start? Ship it.

Ship 10 things, and 2 will succeed.

That’s better than shipping 1 thing and having it fail, right?  It feels too big, too important, or too grand. It’s not ready, it needs more of this and less of that.

This IG account certainly isn’t for everyone’s brain chemistry/personality type, but it’s very much for me.

Fellow North Hemisphere dwellers – it’s time.

Want to share someone’s content in your Instagram grid? An etiquette guide.

P.S. I’m nailing down my coaching calendar for the rest of the year! If you’d like to grab a spot with me to talk about money, habits, goals, mindset, your business – now’s the time to do it. Drop me a line at sarah@yesandyes.org if you’re curious to see if we’d be a good fit. 

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I’m writing to you from Ras al Khaimah, U.A.E.! I’m here visiting my friend of 15+ years who I last saw in Prince Edward Island, when she humored me by joining me on my Anne Of Green Gables pilgrimage.

If you’ve always thought travel to the U.A.E. was totally outside your budget, I’m here to tell you that it might not be. My direct, 8-hour flight between Casablanca and Dubai (on super bougie Emirates Air, no less) was $482. My 45-minute shuttle from Dubai to Ras al Khaimah was $11. My week night, non-water view hotel room at Stella Di Mare was $60.

So I guess what I’m saying is: don’t assume that something – a trip, an experience, a neighborhood – is out of your price range. Even a few minutes of research and the tiniest bit of strategy might prove you wrong.

Links for you!

Extremely pertinent to all my interests! Dolly Parton’s podcast will tell you more about Trump voters than any NYT trend piece
To tell the story of Dolly Parton’s America, the show interviews over 50 people: family and friends, her bodyguard, business associates, Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Rhiannon Giddens, country music insiders, Appalachian and Nashville commentators and academics, fans, and, of course, Parton herself. In the show, she gets personal and political, while explaining why she refuses to take a public political stance.

Painting a cake with frosting?

Re: Ellen Degeneres and her viral video about kindness.

Four fall decluttering projects.

Lovely and helpful: 10 things to do when it feels like you’re failing.

Two random movie recommendations that I watched on recent flights: Late Night (so funny and sweet and written by Mindy Kaling) and Long Shot (laugh out loud funny and surprisingly feminist!)

A great way to combat food waste + do a No Grocery Challenge!

I randomly picked up this book from my hotel in Marrakesh and have been really enjoying it!

In case you need the reminder.

Somewhat related: Would you DIY hair gel from flax seeds?

Hope you had a great week!